Climate action is a trade union issue. We have a vital role to play to protect jobs in existing workplaces and industries by demanding industrial transformation, to organize new quality jobs in the emerging green economy and to fight for the Just Transition measures that ensure we leave no one behind.

Everyone is coming to understand that climate change is happening, and we need to act urgently to prevent it spiraling into a planet that humans and other species cannot survive on. Some turning points have already been passed, and we must build resilience in the face of climate impacts. Since human activities are the cause of climate change, it is in our hands to avert the worst.

A transition to a low-carbon and climate-resilient economy is essential within the country and globally, sooner rather than later. It must be a fair, phased, and managed transition to ensure it does not create economic disruption and hardship for workers and poorer people. Not only on the climate front, but there are also many ways in which our current economic systems and patterns of production and consumption do not serve human wellbeing. In tackling the climate crisis, we can also work to build a better world. Decent work and a decent life for all.

Starting in 2018, FEDUSA has stepped into its historical responsibility to provide leadership for the federation, affiliates, members, and the country on climate change. This policy is the foundation for taking forward our climate change work and advocacy and engaging in processes of the transition. We cannot correct the climate errors of the past, but we are here and can act now.

Click here for FEDUSA Climate Policy


J. Hugo, FEDUSA VP Development